Monday, July 20, 2009

Senators out spoke Sotomayor 2-1

If you paid any attention to Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing, then you might have noticed she disn’t get to speak very often or for a very long time.

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Most Senators used their time to pose for the camera and ramble on about whatever boring drivel they thought they should talk about instead of focusing on cross-examining Sotomayor so we could of learned more about her.

Which was really the point.

Well, someone has actually done the math to figure out how many words had been spoken by Sotomayor and the Senators using the transcripts. Turns out the Senators spoke 70% of the time.

Here are the tallies from Tommy De Seno of Justified Right:
Day 1 totals:
Senators: 23,175
Sotomayor: 942

Day 2 totals:
Senators: 27,907
Sotomayor: 19,786

Day 3 totals:
Senators' words: 20,322
Sotomayor's words: 19,100

Day 4 totals:
Senators' words: 21,188
Sotomayor's words: 9,304

Here is the final 4-day total of words spoken just during the examinations of Judge Sotomayor:
Senators: 95,592 (66%)
Sotomayor: 49,176 (34%)
You can go to De Sano’s blog to see Senator specific numbers, but keep in mind that this is not a blog I read myself and it’s from the conservative point of view. (All I needed to read was a post bashing Obama for his supposed checking out of a young woman, which we all know is complete crap, and one defending Palin’s paper thin excuse for resigning as Governor to know it was not my cup of tea.)

I know the hearings have ended, but I thought this was really interesting.

And I wonder why they were so afraid to hear what she had to say.

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