Friday, July 31, 2009

Never Say Never

I'm a little obsessed with this song (even though it makes me feel really "girly" admitting that for some reason). Not only do I adore the Fray's lead singer, but the lyrics are really sweet in my opinion.

Lyrics are a big aspect of music for me.

For Ryan, the music is more important but I'm all about the lyrics. (I wonder if the fact he plays the guitar and I read/write has any bearing on that. Interesting thought.) I look at a song lyrics the same way I do any other piece of literature or poetry. Even if a song is mediocre, if the lyrics are exceptional then I'm hooked.
Some things we don't talk about,
Rather do without,
Just hold a smile.
Falling in and out of love,
Ashamed and proud of,
Together all the while...
This song is a good depiction of love in my opinion. Though I realize these sorts of truths and interpretations are completely relative, I agree with the idea that love is about the process of falling in and out of love continuously with the same person over and over. (Well maybe not "out of love," but at least out of infatuation or strong interest for small windows of time.)

Man, I sound like such a corn ball when I talk about things like this. I just can't help it though. At heart I'm a total romantic. As hard as that probably is to believe.

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