Friday, July 17, 2009

Meghan McCain Interview

I just read a great article over at Jezebel. It’s about a recent interview with Meghan McCain and I feel like the article really gets straight to the heart of the issue. I’m not going to post the whole thing here, but you should definitely check it out.

Meghan McCain Interview Misses Too Much Prejudice To Ignore

I hate to admit it, but Meghan has really started to bother me.

At first I thought she was a fresh voice in the perpetual stagnation that is the Republican Party, but she’s really not. The only difference between Meghan and other Republican Pundits is her views on gay marriage and her admission that…gasps…she’s had sex. (Even worse, I think she enjoyed it. Oh the horror!)

Really, these are two issues that many people her age are open to talk about. It only seems as if this is some wondrous new direction because the party has continued to push out these moderate Republicans.

To give her some sort of free pass or a gold star, just because she holds opinions many other republicans hold, is kind of disingenuous of us I think.

Jamies Kirchick, the interviewer, also goes on to list the reasons people don’t like Meghan and it reads a little Palin-ish to me. (People don’t like her cause she’s young and pretty and therefore we’re incapable of having any constructive criticism without it ultimately being because of professional jealousy.)

I wonder why, when we legitimately question a person’s character or experience (like why Meghan didn’t speak out against Prop 8 during the campaign), it’s automatically labeled as ‘sexist.” But the subsequent dismissing of those questions because the person must be some jealous bitch isn’t.

Then again, it’s always easier to point the finger I suppose.


  1. I agree 100%. I found her refreshing and progressive and important to the Republican Party and the younger generation at first, but she's starting to rub me the wrong way. She has talking points that she goes to over and over again, never really elaborating on them. She has opinions on the social aspects of Republicanism, but you never hear much about any other things that people vote on: the economy, the government, legislation, etc.

    She isn't able to offer new and convincing arguments for her opinions and stances on things and she really does come off as some young girl who has some opinions that she can't *really* back up. She isn't educated on the issues enough to really have a public forum to talk about them.

    I appreciate what she wants to do, but I feel like she needs to change the way she's going about it if she wants people to continue (or start) to take her seriously.

  2. Same here. She should stop doing interviews and start learning more about the real issues.

    And these soft ball interviews are annoying. We need to stop treating her like a young woman (I cringed at the way Bill Maher felt the need to "protect her") and start treating her like the Republican pundit she wants to be.


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