Sunday, July 26, 2009

Facebook Polls = Lameness

I am friends with Ryan's grandma, Nancy, on facebook. Now even though I know she's a conservative Mormon, it made me sad to see this:

I totally expected it, but I still found it depressing. This is a prime example of why I'll never fully "belong" in Ryan's family. There's just too many of them who think this way (all except for Ryan and his brother Aaron actually) for me to ever be comfortable around them.

I took the polls myself so I could see the numbers and these ones were shocking to me:

Way to rip my heart out facebook.

These two were the only polls were logic trumped religious superstition and dogma:

I still can't understand how people who claim to be religious can be so heartless.


  1. I have a long, difficult history with the Mormon church--a very judgemental and hard-hearted grandmother who was awful to my non-Mormon mom in the early days of my parents' marriage. Mom got the last laugh, though. She had Dad have been together for 41 years now.

    I think a lot of people hide behind religion and religious beliefs, without ever really considering what their "opinions" mean to so many people. I certainly don't want any of these people telling me what I can and can't do with my body, and hope that it never comes to that.

  2. The Darwinisn question would be almost pointless if posed to a Britain, Creationism thank god hardly exsists here.

    also it is depressing i agree when you realise some of the things taht people you know believe in. But you got it real bad there

  3. Stumbled upon your poll and love it. Totally agree on the Facebook polls. They scare me for 2012.


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