Friday, July 3, 2009

Everybody but "blacks and homosexuals" "can get to the back of the bus"

There’s not much to talk about today. Maybe people are too busy thinking all the BBQ and beer tomorrow is sure to bring, but at least there’s one person who never fails us in terms of completely lunacy and lack of coherent thought:

The Limbaugh.

I don’t understand how people can possible be against hate crimes legislation and the “persecuted white male” syndrome we’ve been seeing lately is even more laughable then the “persecuted Christian” brouhaha we’ve had to listen to.

I also want to point out that “blacks” and “homosexuals” aren’t protected under hate crimes legislation - race and sexual orientation are. (So if a black man kills a white man, just because he’s white and in an attempt to frighten all white people, then it would be considered a hate crime.) Hate crimes legislation doesn't make any currently legal action illegal. It does, however, increase penalties for committing EXISTING crimes and allows the Federal government to also investigate those crimes, especially in situations where the local law enforcement won't do so themselves.

Heterosexual white males are not excluded in any way.

Update: I am also positive that Holder's comments were taken out of context, but I'm having a hard time tracking them down. I will add them if I can.

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