Friday, July 31, 2009

Does the Obama DOJ think it’s okay to intimidate white voters?

No it doesn't.

Not unless you're Fox news that is.

I know this video is a little long and annoying as all hell, but you really need to watch it if you want to have any idea what I’m talking about:

First, just because a black man is wearing “military style” clothing and standing in front of a polling place doesn’t mean that he is “intimidating” voters. I do agree that the first man’s decision to hold a club was a bad choice, but he was removed from the poll place by the police. The other man, who is in the second interview with Fox News' Rick Leventhal, was a certified poll watcher.

The certified poll watcher told Leventhal he did not want to be interviewed, but no one thinks we should press harassment charges on him now do we? (Really though, Leventhal must have the courage of a lion to risk getting that interview with such a big scary black man. Pulitzer Prize in Leventhal's future? I think so.)

Second, Leventhal clearly states, “we don't know that any voters were denied entrance to this polling facility. We don't know that anyone was intimidated to the point that they decided not to vote here.” I think that pretty much sums this situation up.

I could go on and on, but there’s really just no reason to. This happened last November and the Obama Department of Justice has decided this case doesn’t warrant pressing any charges.

Here, of course, is where the big ol’ black president hating white people conspiracy comes in:

FNC's Jarrett: That other message may be, that this is a Department Of Justice who thinks it’s okay to intimidate white people, not okay to intimidate black people at the polls.

The fact this incident has been turned into some race baiting whites vs. blacks situation really makes me angry. Either this man was intimidating voters or he wasn’t. If the fact he was simply standing outside the poll - where he was certified to be - was intimidating to some white people, it’s probably because those people have tiny little brains and shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

I also want to point out that the Alejandro Miyar, the by Civil Rights Division spokesman of the DOJ, does not agree with the Washington Times reporter in the above clip. He said:
Contrary to the report in the Washington Times, a career attorney in the Civil Rights Division made the final decision to dismiss charges against three of the defendants in this case following a thorough review that determined the facts and the law did not support pursuing the claims in this case

Well isn’t that interesting. Maybe, like the Fox News reporter Rick Leventhal, they couldn’t find any evidence anyone was intimidated.

Now the Washington Times reporter did get one part right – not everyone thinks it was best to leave this situation alone. Some members of the DOJ have filed a complaint that claims the men, “brandished weapons and used “coercion, threats and intimidation” to harass voters, both black and white, at a Philadelphia polling place last Nov. 4. The defendants wore “military-style uniforms” including black berets and combat boots.

Well, at least they acknowledge if there was any intimidation it was of all people and not only those fragile white folks with delicate sensibilities.

If you can't tell, this really pisses me off. But what makes me the most upset about this situation, is the fact people just don’t care when a black or Hispanic voter is disenfranchised from the voting process.

But let there be a black man with combat boots on, and people are outraged.

What about all the voters that were turned away in Florida because of vague felon lists that wrongly claimed that as many as 12,000 voters didn't have the right to vote, even though they did? (In fact the entire 2000 voting process in Florida was a joke. This article highlights some of the problems they experienced.) What about the fact that 5.3 million Americans aren’t allowed to vote because they have prior convictions? Or the untold hundreds of thousands of would-be eligible voters that are kept in the dark about their rights simply because voting officials don’t know the proper information? The incarceration inequity among race in this country means that minorities are being disenfranchised at a much higher rate then everyone else.

But does any of this matter? No, unfortunately it doesn’t.

And it makes me sick.

-You can read the entire DOJ complaint here (.pdf).
-I also want to point out that Florida now automatically restores the civil rights of ex-felons once they've served their time.

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