Friday, July 24, 2009

Did you know that female marsupials have two vaginas?

They have separate uteruses too.

I never knew that.

I’m a little irritated I didn’t. I mean, that’s a pretty awesome piece of information to have. I’ve gone my whole life without knowing that marsupial males have a double pronged penis to correlate with the females two vaginas. I find that upsetting.

I’m blaming the public education system.


  1. I should probably point out that I’m reading Why Evolution is True. That’s where this bit of marvelous info came from.

    FYI: best book EVER. It’s easy to understand and clear as a whistle. I can’t wait to lay the smack down on some creationists.

  2. The book that I recommended, Sperm Wars, is also a really cool book that uses biology and not psychology or sociology or anything else to explain sexual behavior. Even if I believe that it's about a combination of the two, it's still a fascinating read.

    And I wish I had two vaginas, but only so I could be DPed without having to take it up the butt. Not so I could carry two babies in two separate uterii at once.

  3. I looked for that book at out library, but they don't carry it. I was bummed. They also don’t carry The Purity Myth which blows.

    Hopefully I can buy them used. :)


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