Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Book Smugglers

Out of all the different sites I've found that review books, The Book Smugglers are by far my favorite (fantasy is my favorite genre so I get a good variety at their site).

I know how hard it can be to keep new books flowing in when you read as much as I do, so I thought I'd share two of their posts, "Half Year Mark: Ana and Thea’s Favorite Reads of 2009 (so far)" and “Books You Really Should Be Reading…,” that have some really great recommendations in them.

I put at least 10 new books on my to-read list after reading them and I would definitely check them out if you're into fiction and/or romance.

I feel a little ashamed at how many fantasy books I read, so I'm trying to add a few non-fiction books - or anything not fantasy really - in with every trip to the library. (Do you like how I try to dwindle my guilt about reading so much with more reading?)

Right now I'm reading some philosophical books and The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein, but I need a few more to balance out this new onslaught of awesome books I must read. Any recommendations?

-If you're interested in any of the books pictured, you can find out more about them here.


  1. I used to work at a book store and know how addicting fantasy can be. But with the down economy I can't afford to buy them in the quantity I used to. A small paperback is $8 now! And I'll be finished with it in a day or two. I recycle them by donating them to charity, and that makes me feel somewhat better.

  2. I want to work in a book store so bad. I'm totally jealous! :)

    And I completely agree. I was easily spending $30 dollars a week on books this time last year. I finally broke down and started using our city library (which is gargantuan). Even though there are some books I wish I owned, it was definitely the right decision. (I read more then 200 books last year lol.)

    The worse is when a series gets popular and suddenly the author starts selling them in hardback. I'm happy for the author and all that, but I'm poor and I hate when my series books don't match.


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