Monday, June 1, 2009

The tale of two schools

I totally forgot to include these in my roundup, but side by side the contrast is even more glaring.

The difference 2,000 miles can make...

Students of California's Fairfax High have elected Sergio Garcia, a gay student, as prom Queen:

While students in Georgia are still attending segregated proms:

wtf? The world is a strange strange place sometimes.

-My thanks to Britni for the links.


  1. What disturbed me the most about the segregated prom was the comments made by the parents and students. The Black students were upset by the segregated proms and said that they would allow their White friends into their prom.

    The White students and parents claimed that the prom didn't need to be "fixed" because the way things were worked just fine and that it wasn't racism, but "tradition."

    Sorry, White people, but if the Black students are offended then the way things are *aren't* working just fine. Not only that, that's the very definition of racism. Continuing to segregate and discriminate simply because that's the way it's only been done? That doesn't make it any less wrong or any less racist.

  2. Yeah, the segregated prom is just fucked-up and bizarre. Especially considering all the kids go to school together and interact with one another on a daily basis.

    But I grined at the gay kid being crowned prom queen. Awesome :D

  3. was there a theme for the Proms in Georgia? Say 1951 Southern America! Did white people dance about in the dark outside with flaming crusifixs, dressed in white hooded gowns? Its tradition you see, its the way its always been! Knobheads

  4. “Tradition” is just another word for “hate” and “intolerance” it seems. The fact that this sort of behavior is tolerated anywhere says a lot about our society I think.


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