Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Roundup

This week's round up is a little lacking, I know. but what can I say? The internet was holding out on me.

Random Picture:

The official portrait of the Obama family dog, "Bo", just made me melt.

Articles You Should Read:

1. Disturbing Study on Sexual Assault in South Africa

2. Is Fox News big enough for Shep Smith and Glenn Beck?

3. The Virginity Movement, Rebranded


Thumbs Up:

1. To all the father's of the world: thumbs up and Happy Father's Day.

People Who Get the Middle Finger:

1. Pittsburg County District Judge Thomas Bartheld who signed off on a plea deal that sent an ex-convict accused of raping a 4-year-old girl to jail for only a year.

2. A new study has found that one in four men in South Africa have admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim. (The abovementioned article is great. Check it out.)

Special STFU of the week:

Take it Bill O:

Wow. Bill O has this particular power - I think it's his super power in fact - where he can almost convince you he's sane and that you've finally found something you agree on, but then he just blows it all to hell.

Yes this man deserves more then a year in jail, but how is that related to Dr. Tiller? Dr. Tiller is behind the devaulation of children in this country? Really? By providing health services to women?

I got a tip for you Bill: Whenever you have the urge to say the words "Dr. Tiller," just shut up. Just shut the fuck up. I think it'll help.

Quote/Thought that makes me happy:
I have always regarded myself as the pillar of my life.
This is a quote by Meryl Streep. I just love it because it speaks to the heart of me since I have always felt the same. I honestly know there is nothing I can't survive (at least realistically - I'm not talking about juggling chainsaws while fighting a polar bear at the North Pole in nothing but a thong).

It's incredibly freeing.

Something you probably don’t know about me:

My brain just skips a beat sometimes, especially when it comes to names. I've straight up forgotten the names of people I've been friends with for a long ass time. It's always momentary, but I still feel like a total ass. I've even introduced Ryan as "Keith," my ex boyfriend's name.

But the worse, no doubt, has to be the time I called Keith his brother's name in the bedroom. Talk about awkward.


  1. Your right about Bill O i was agreeing with him for once then he went and spoilt it, i think even Geraldo was a little disappointed that he said it by the look on his face.

  2. I noticed that too. Geraldo has this look like, "I'm not even gonna touch on that." lol

  3. it was a sneeky little comment he got in when there was no time left to reply! lol Crafty bugger!


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