Friday, June 12, 2009

Rightwing Extremism and James von Brunn

There are just too many interesting things going on this week. My roundup is starting to get a little too full so James von Brunn, the shooter of the Holocaust museum, get his own post/roundup.

As to be expected, I think Brunn’s actions were horrible and completely despicable. Considering the high quality of articles already out there though, I’m gonna pass the mike.

Here a few articles about the situation I found really interesting:

1. I loved the article, "My Daughter's Chilling Account of Years at Holocaust Museum."

2. I also really enjoyed, "What Right Wing Threat?" from John Wellington. Maybe it's his snarky nature that hits close to my heart, but his article is great. He takes on the conservative media for turning the Department of Homeland Security report into an issue of politics instead of giving it the honest reflection it deserved.

Here's an excerpt:

Maybe continually over-simplifying every issue in politics into a siege upon America actually helps bring about a siege mentality in Americans. Perhaps dwelling in the continual context of an election, wherein everything is good for one side or bad for the other, is really simpleminded and stupid, and creates false choices and fallacious imperatives.

And, maybe in attacking a government threat assessment, these right-wing pundits are not just aligning themselves with dangerous supremacist kooks, but even encouraging their impulses, by draping their tattered flag around those that would be singled out for wanting to go kill people they disagree with.

Our country was founded on revolutionaries, so apparently acting oppressed is the fallback moral high ground. This is a curious acknowledgment and embrace of the polemics from the Left dating back to the Civil Rights Era. At some point, the legitimacy that the Right denied attributing to disenfranchised groups like gays, poor people, minorities, and women in this country became the conservative rallying cry.

We see this in the vitriolic attacks alleging prejudice against Sonia Sotomayer, from old white guys who are experts on racism. And make no mistake: the more Newt Gingrich proclaims that white people are being dethroned and Dick Cheney insists humans only respond to brutality, the more these otherwise lone nuts don't feel so lonely, and believe that they have to take some kind of violent action against, oh, anybody.

I expect that these blowhards will cry out about gun rights and the threat of FEMA camps against the coming tide of rational questions, such as, "Why is it so easy for whacko fuck-ups to get an assault rifle or six?"

In a sense, these commando cowards are doing the work of scores of progressive activists, making their leaders and causes utterly repellent to the rest of the country.

Love it.

3. Then there's Paul Krugman's article, "The Big Hate." As usual, Krugman explains the problem with allowing such extreme party views to become mainstream in his clear and to the point way.

He definitely doesn't hold his punches, and I love him all the more for it.

4. I found the article, "Conservative Group Still Promoting Proud-To-Be-A-Right-Wing Extremist Cards," to be insightful.

Why is it a website is still promoting these cards?

At this point I think that joke has crashed and burned. Unless, of course, people want to be affiliated with the James von Brunns and Scott Roeders of the world.

5. And last but not least, you can read the DHS’ report on Rightwing Extremism here (.pdf).

Edit: I also want to add this video from Rachel Maddow. She's just great.

Damn them "Jew Owners"! Damn them!!!!!


  1. That is a good maddow clip and i do like her, but she has a tendancy to make strange noises that annoy me, its a lame issue but they do.

  2. Really? I've never noticed.

    I really hope I don't from now on. That will suck. And it would totally be your fault. haha


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