Monday, June 15, 2009

"The Regal Twelve" - pictures depicting powerfull historical women

I thought these pictures would make a nice follow up to my last post. I’ve been meaning to share them for a while, but you know how things go.

This is Alexia Sinclair’s "The Regal Twelve" series with which she won 2007's Harper's BAZAAR & Canon Fashion Photography Awards. Even though some are a little much, I think the idea is spectacular and the execution is very beautiful overall.

I found them at the website Wicked Halo (through Stumble Upon - it rocks) and here’s what the introduction said:
"The Regal Twelve" series is a suite of pictures depicting powerfull historical women combining photography, illustration, European backdrops, fashion models, historical treasures and symbolic references, digitally montaged to create works based on historical truths.

On this series, Alexia has said: "My influences range from Botticelli and de' Medici circle to contemporary couture fashion designers such as John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. All of the portraits are inspired by the styles and fashions of each monarch and are reinterpreted into a contemporary visual narrative."
Since the blog included links to all the wikipedia pages, I thought I'd do the same. (Don't feel bad. I didn't know who all of them were either.)

Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen)

Alexandra Romanov (The Last Czarina)

Catherine the Great (The Enlightened Empress)

Elizabeth Bathory (The Countess of Blood)

Christina of Sweden (The Androgynous Queen)

Olympias (The Sorcerous)

Cleopatra (The Seductress)

Eleanor of Aquitaine (The Eagle)

Agrippina (The Poisoness)

Boudica (The Celtic Queen)

Isabella of Spain (The Catholic)

Marie Antoinette (The Extravagant Queen)

I know it’s silly, but I’m really annoyed she didn’t give Boudica red hair. I also think Christina of Sweden (my personal favorite) should have been in men’s clothing, but that’s just me nitpicking.

-You can see Alexia's whole portfolio at her website here.


  1. I was thinking the same thing about the "androgynous" queen-- she doesn't look very androgynous there, does she?

    But these are gorgeous.

  2. Glad it wasn't just me! lol

  3. I love and adore and covet that Elizabeth I pic--the real thing was a badass woman and I am absolutely loving this pic, with the chess pieces.

  4. im pretty sure boudica did not wear tartan like that! Tartan as we no it was not invented until the 1600's. And just because she is celtic does not mean she should have red hair, me thinks that is some thing you would like to add as you are red too! :)

  5. I’ll admit it; I’m biased towards red hair. I don't think we get fair representation! lol

    But in this situation I’m pretty sure Boudica did have red hair. I’ve seen shows about her and her hair was part of her persona (that whole having red hair equals wild or untamed crap).


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