Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Paleontologists rock my world - and lay the smack down on some creationists

I just read an interesting article, Paleontology and Creationism Meet but Don’t Mesh, over at The New York Times and I’m totally jealous. I’ve expressed my desire to go to the Creation Museum before, but I can just imagine the fun it would be to do so with a group of scientists.

(What? Your idea of a good time doesn’t involve Paleontologists and crazy religious wingnuts? You're missing out.)

Mark Lyons for The New York Times

My favorite part of the article was this:
Dr. Bengtson noted that to explain how the few species aboard the ark could have diversified to the multitude of animals alive today in only a few thousand years, the museum said simply, “God provided organisms with special tools to change rapidly.”

“Thus in one sentence they admit that evolution is real,” Dr. Bengtson said, “and that they have to invoke magic to explain how it works.”

That sentence sums up the entire problem with creationists; they can’t really explain anything. There is no science in Intelligent Design and why people prefer an arbitrary god to an arbitrary universe I’ll never know.

I also thought it was interesting that Dr. Mortenson, a lecturer and researcher for Answers in Genesis, the ministry that built and runs the Creation Museum, claimed that the reason his museum and the Paleontologists come to different conclusions is because they start with different assumptions. He says, “We will very strongly contest an evolutionist position that they are letting facts speak for themselves.”

Um, what? So basically he’s admitting they’re only looking at facts that back up their assertions and contest those that don’t.


So check it out if you’re interested. Or don’t. Whatever. :)

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