Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If we don't stop Obama "dictatorship ... we'll lose our lives"

With the recent proof that we should be concerned over the rise of extreme rightwing violence, I don’t understand how a person can think this sort of language is acceptable.

From the post, "Stop the Dictatorship," by radio host Janet Porter [via Media Matters]:
In the same way he doesn't want to interfere with the so-called "elections" in Iran, he doesn't want to interfere with Tehran's efforts to obtain nuclear power. He'll give them until the end of the year to gain all the nuclear power they need to obtain their fundamental goal of wiping Israel off the map. But, rest assured, after that, he'll engage in some serious dialogue.

No, Obama doesn't want to dictate to other nations what they should do. Unless that nation is Israel. When it comes to Israel, he wants full dictatorship. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to appoint another unaccountable czar to rule over them.


In the same "Apology tour" highlighting America's arrogance for "dictating" policy, Obama also used his political power to try and force the European Union to admit Muslim Turkey into their midst. Thankfully, France and Germany wisely opposed his dictates.

And while we're on the subject of the arrogance of such "dictates," Obama, who said he wasn't interested in taking over the Auto industry, has done just - closing dealerships based not on their success, but on their politics. Those who opposed his candidacy are out of business, and those who gave him the most money remain open, even if their dealerships weren't successful. Auto czars and pay czars that answer to no one but the dictator in chief are making policy as we speak. They have taken over the banks, and now they want to run your health care.

This dictatorship must be stopped. And it must be stopped now. If we don't, we'll lose more than our strongest ally in the Middle East and the free market - we'll lose our lives.

Ignoring the fact that Keith Olbermann did an entire segment proving the Republican car dealership conspiracy is a complete fallacy, how can this seem okay?

She just said our lives depend on President Obama being "stopped."


But who cares right? As long as it's not about Sarah Palin...


  1. Funny how you never heard liberal pundits calling for Bush's assassination when he was in office.

  2. some people should be aloud mouths and other should be aloud to have ears!


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