Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling Blue

I'm feeling kind of blue today.

Probably has something to do with all the depressing ass articles I just read. Here's a few:

1. White House won't release visitor records

2. Teen Sentenced To Ten Days In Jail For Noose Attack

3. Obama, the Right and defendants' rights

4. Reggie Clemons and the Parade of Horribles

Some days it feel like there's just no winning.


I do have to say that Obama's anti-smoking law makes me happy though.


  1. I was really pissed when they band somking here, but now i like it, the party moves outside!! woop

    I have had a few blue days too,

  2. California has pretty strict smoking laws so I was shocked to find out people could still smoke in bars here. And in Las Vegas people can smoke in restaurants. I hate to be prissy, but that grosses me out.

    You're totally right about the party moving outside though. I don't have any friends in Utah that smoke, but I stood outside with my girlfriends while they smoked more times then I can count in CA. lol


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