Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Complicated questions about love and relationships

A youtube user named John made a video asking some interesting, albeit complicated, questions about love.

I’m not entirely sure what possessed me to make this video, but ultimately I decided to give it a shot considering I felt differently then the other responses John had received so far.

(I also realized this isn’t the sort of subject you can properly express with 500 characters.)

Obviously you’re gonna want to watch his video first, then mine.

I want to clarify one thing I said near the end, when I said, “I love Ryan and he loves me and that’s enough,” I was trying to make the point that the fact that we love each other at all is enough love. So when I went on to say, “Love is not enough,” I was talking about relationships in general and how they can’t be sustained with only love.

Did that make sense?

Anyhoo, I'd love to hear what your thoughts are on the subject and you can find John's youtube channel here.

Oh, and this is the roundup I was referring to.


  1. If love is there then its is enough. You either love or you dont. Love trancends all faults and thus is all conquering. IMO.

    oh my word verification is matchie, nice

  2. That's a sweet sentiment, but it's not completely true. I mean, love doesn't transcend domestic abuse or anything like that.

    Or maybe it does transcend (since a lot of people love people they shouldn't), but it doesn't conquer.

    Yup, that sounds about right to me. lol


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