Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I don't need

I’m really tired of people telling me what feminism is or what feminists believe or how you should act as a feminist.

I don’t need an article telling me that feminism is just an excuse to drink and fuck.

I don’t need to read about the imaginary “catfights” that different feminist geared websites are having.

I don’t need to be told I’m a bad feminist for thinking a certain joke is funny or enjoying an Eminem song now and then.

I don’t need any this.

I’m a feminist because I believe in equality among all people, but that doesn’t mean I have to be a certain type of woman for it to count.

Just because I do it my way, doesn’t mean I’m a worse feminist then anyone else or I’m creating some large cultural divide among women.

I believe women are equal to men.

I believe skin color isn’t a signifier of worth.

I believe being “childfree” doesn’t make a woman less of a woman.

I believe marriage should be about love.

I believe love is more then gender.

I believe sex is the physical manifestation of love, even if it’s sometimes only love of self, and it should be enjoyed solely for the pleasure of it.

My name is Alana.

I’m a feminist.

And I don’t give a fuck if you agree.

So please stop telling me what I have to be in order to be a feminist. Because you’re just trying to put me into another kind of box and I won’t tolerate it.

Not now. Not ever.


  1. All I can say to all of this is a big resounding AMEN!

    I'm tired of people telling me how to be. I salute this blog & everything you wrote.

  2. I would like to write some sort of witticism here, but you seem very aggressive...

    However here are some inspiring words for you that have helped me when i am pissed of with people..

    "Fly like a mouse, run like a cushion, be the small bookcase"

  3. Give me your lunch money!!! lol

    I didn't mean to be aggressive. I was just bothered by all the articles I had read that day trying to define me. Being labeled is one of the things that bothers me most.

    Where is that saying from? I swear I’ve heard it. I just can’t place it.

  4. Oh, and wit is always accepted here. :)

  5. The saying or quote comes from a very odd TV show here in the UK called Dare to Beleive that was the tagline for the show.

    No Otters


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