Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something to make you smile - The Big Fat Gay Collab

I just watched this video and I loved it!

It was made by steviebeebishop on youtube. Here's what he had to say:
theres a disgusting amount of hate on the internet (especially on youtube!) directed at minority groups (especially the LGBT community) so i was inspired to organize this collab video. i never set out to "change the world" i simply wanted to make something light hearted to put a smile on the face of any hate-victim watching. you're not alone! stevie loves you :)

And smile I did. Enjoy.


  1. i did too, was the music by lily allen?

  2. I think that's what it said on the youtube page, but I'm not a %100 sure.

  3. It sure sounds like Lily Allen to me. And this made me really, happy. :)


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