Thursday, May 14, 2009

My First Vlog

I just got a webcam today (thanks mom!) so I decided to post a video in case any of you are curious as to what I sound like.

(And I totally don’t mean that in a creepy way cause I’m just as curious too.)

I must admit it was extremely difficult and I don’t like the way it turned out at all, but after so many tries I just decided to post the next one no matter what. So I’m sorry about the pauses and all the “ums” I mumbled, but what can you do?

So here I am in all my glory (man I’m really nervous lol) and I hope you like it:

I don't know why the quality isn't that good, but I'm still trying to get the hang of it.

I'm also in the middle of redecorating our office so please excuse the white starkness of its current state. I promise I don't live in the loony bin. :)

Oh, and I was referring to Britni's blog in my video. You can see her first vlog (which is much better then mine lol) here.


  1. Oh, yay! I love hearing what people sound like and it's funny because the first few seconds are almost a shock to your system, but then you adjust and get used to that person's voice and it's totally normal. I didn't know about those tattoos, by the way, and I love them!

    Go to your YouTube account and edit the settings to allow embedding because it is currently disabled so you can't watch the video on your page. I had to copy and paste the URL into my browser. Once you've enabled embedding, just re-enter the code on your post (delete the code to the current video, since it disables embedding).

    I think you did a great job, by the way!

  2. Thanks!

    And thanks for the heads up. It should work now :)

  3. You sort of sounded like i thought! Like you are from California, which you are.

    I would do this, but im still at my just blogging stage lol

  4. You should do it Haworth just so you can feel like an idiot. haha

    It was really difficult and I kept getting annoyed at how I said certian things or how I would move my hand. I also never realized how much I move my face when I talk. lol

  5. I know the feeling well alana, i did some student movies years ago, and well im not an actor!!! i cringed alot when i watched them lol


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