Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Police Brutality

As I sit here and watch another video of a person being beaten by police, I have to wonder at the way some people think.

Here is a perfect example of some of the asinine comments you hear when one of these videos pops up (I tried to choose one that wasn’t so blatantly pro police brutality too):
Ultimately the cops should have not started beating the guy, but this is 15 seconds removed from him running over a cop. For all of you liberal cop haters I guess this just proves your belief, but let me try to put it into terms you would understand. Let's say this weekend at your kids soccer game one of the other parents pours a steaming hot grande caramel macchiatto on Biff Jr. and then calmly walk back to his jag and sits would you respond? He's not a threat anymore, right? The guy in the vehicle forfeited any rights to reasonable treatment when he decided to use his vehicle as a weapon.

I just don’t get this type of thinking. Criminals break the law (that shouldn’t be surprising given how we call them “criminals”) but that doesn’t mean at any point their right to be treated like a human being is forfeited.

As George Carlton once said, if rights can be taken away they’re not rights. They’re privileges.

And being treated humanely and fairly by the law should never be considered a privilege.

It may not be fair. It my make us angry that we have to treat these people with decency even though they have such little disregard for other people. I know it makes me pissed as hell.

But none of that changes the fact that the police are not employed to hand out street justice.

When we allow ourselves to condone the despicable behavior of police officers, simply because they’re cops, we’re no better then the criminals ourselves.

I don’t care about the situation. Police brutality is never okay. Never. Ever. Ever.


  1. I totally agree with you on this, Police Brutality is never OK. As enforcers of Law and Justice they must also set an example! This is why you get people who dont respect the police and the immensly hard job they do.

    Alana i think this relates to are ols Liberty Justice debate lol

  2. I actually thought about that too. lol


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