Saturday, May 9, 2009

In which our heroine gets a little tied up

I just came across the coolest hair tutorial of all time from youtube user Binosusume.

I've probably watched about ten different hair videos from her today (even though they're all in Japanese, you can still easily understand what she’s doing). She’s just so stinkin’ adorable and I’m totally jealous of her gorgeous gorgeous hair.

This tutorial is for making your hair into a bow:

And this one is for a little bow:

Aren’t they cute?

I gave it a go, and I have to admit it was kind of a pain in the ass. This is one of those hair styles where you need a lot of hair to get the right look and I have like a fifth of this girl’s hair.

I seriously got gypped in the hair department. My sister has a shit load of hair though. I’ve always hated that.

Here’s a pic of my lovely sister:

Totally unfair.

Anyhoo, I do want to point out that my hair was barely long enough and I don't know if it would be worth a try if you're hair is any shorter then mine.

Here's an example of the length of my hair (it goes a little past bottom of my bra strap):

Wow I look bad in this pic. Plus I should really get the creepy hand that's growing out of the side of my boob looked at...

I did finally get the small hair bow to work, but I'm not sure I like it.

Obviously I should have put the bow on the opposite side of my bangs for better symetry, but I wasn't really thinking that far ahead.

She also shows you how to hide the unsightly hair tie in the video. I was just too lazy to redo it so ignore all the ugly parts (I think that's gonna be my new life motto: ignore all the ugly parts).

Mine didn't turn out nearly as nice as hers, but it was my first time. Maybe I'll try again if the moment's right. We'll see.

I am definitely gonna try some of her other tutorials though. :)

-As you can see from the few pictures I've put up here, I take horrible pictures. I don't know what it is, but I just don't look nice in only two dimensions.

Even though I've accepted that irritating fact, I thought these two pictures were just special.

What the hell is this on my head?

You want to put it in where? is up with my face? The top one looks like I smelled something horrible and the bottom one must be the face I make when people talk about sports or cars.

I also just noticed I'm wearing two different shirts. What can I say? In 23 years I still haven't learned how to eat properly. Classy. That's me.


  1. OK. So, I know I don't know you but PLEASE be a little more gentle with yourself. I totally relate to the whole not-thick-hair issue. However, give yourself some props. I almost feel like attempting the same hairstyle just so you can laugh at how much better yours looks than mine. But instead, I'll just make this random comment.

  2. I'm not quite sure what you mean about being gentle, but thanks!

    I don't mind having thin hair. I just wish I had like double the amount. lol


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