Friday, May 1, 2009

You know what's creepy?


Seriously, what's up with it? It has that strange waxy outside and then it turns into a pile of odd mushy nothingness when you cook it.

I hate it.

Just thinking about it grosses me out and makes me think of that nauseous feeling you get when you accidentally chew a piece of chicken fat.



  1. Eggplants! Whats up with you guys!!? Its an aubergine!!!

  2. That doesn't mean it tastes good. lol

  3. tbh i have never knowingly eat one, and i would have no idea how to cook it and what to eat it with.

    They do look interesting tho, its black!!! a black veg!!! crazy!!

  4. It's actually really dark purple. lol

    It tastes kind of like zuchini that's been cooked in sauce (in the sense that there isn't really a taste at all). I made eggplant parmasean and I couldn't even eat it. That texture was just too odd.


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