Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Growing up and hair cuts

Holden has just passed another milestone on the growing up tour.

He cut his own hair.

Yup, anyone with children or brothers and sisters knows it’s an inevitability, but I wish he wouldn’t of cut so close to the scalp. We had to shave it all.

A week ago.

A day ago.

At least he's a boy and it'll grow out fast (not like when my sister decided to cut off all her bangs, at the scalp, the day before pictures).

But man he has a big head. lol


  1. LOL, my little sister once cut her own hair lol, my mum was devestated, she had to try and save it and well my sister ended up looking like a boy!!

  2. I can't believe how much he looks like you!

  3. you don't know me, but I was reading aloneandunobserved (my nephew) and clicked a link, and there you have it. This boy is so adorable I just had to leave a comment. OMG so cute!

  4. Thanks Daisy! I think being cute is his disarming technique to mask what a monster he is. lol


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