Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another way to listen to Music

I found something new to take up some of the mass amount of time I spend online thanks to a blog I frequent called Alone and Unobserved.

And since I have such a kind heart I wanted to share.

What you might say…

Well apt pupils, it’s called Blip FM and it totally rocks. I just signed up for an account and I’m already in love.

Even though I tend to proclaim love for all kinds of random shit (what can I say? I run hot and cold) this one’s definitely a keeper.

How it works is simple: You sign up for an account and pick an artist you like. Blip FM then provides a list of people who also like that artist (called "D.J.s") and you can chose to follow them or not. If you do, the songs they’re listening to at that moment will pop up on your screen and you can pick which songs you want to hear. You can also forgo all that and just make your own play list.

(Did that make sense? Just check it out. Believe me, it's simple enough.)

It’s really nifty in the sense that you get a huge variety of songs offered to you with minimal effort. Plus, you can put a widget, like the one below, on your page if you like or link up to your twitter account so your friends (or whatever they’re called) can see what you’re listening to.

If you're anything like me and like to listen to music while you're online (I usually use Pandora), you'll love this.

And just in case you’ve thought to yourself, “hmm…I wonder what music Alana is listening to right NOW because she is just so awesome that my every thought revolves around her kickasstic nature,” I have added a widget to my sidebar. It will offer the last 15 songs I’ve listened to.

You’re welcome.

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