Monday, April 20, 2009

“You can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage.”

I didn't watch the Miss America competition last night, but this clip is golden:

My favorite Miss America moment is still the "such as" incident, but I did get a giggle out of Miss California's idiocy.

(I think the statement "you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage," is a pretty clear signifier of her intelligence.)

Perez says it all:

Update: Reading the comments on youtube is always a bad idea. Even though I know that most of the comments are ridiculous, I can’t help but get angry.

So let me make this perfectly clear in case someone not capable of rational thought stumbles upon this: This is not about politically correctness. This is not about her decision to believe what her parents told her about gay marriage. This is not about her having a different opinion then me.

This is about her inability to answer a question about state power. This is about her pathetic attempt to speak articulately. This is about her decision to malign a whole group of people who are being denied equal rights under the law.

This is about her ignorance (because we do not live in a country where "you can choose same sex marriage or opposite marriage.")

Marriage is a RIGHT and it’s being denied to a whole group of people based on uninformed ideas and perpetrated by a Bronze Age text.

And it’s WRONG.

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  1. I so glad that we dont have these sort of compitions over here, or if we do we dont put them on TV.

    There is nothing worse than a person who is obsessed with there looks and nothing else answering questions like gay marriage.


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