Sunday, April 5, 2009

Wiseguys Comedy Club

Salt Lake City is definitely not the center for stand up comedy in America. In fact, the only thing Utah can really claim to be the center of is Mormons.

And while there's nothing wrong with that, it does little to help the constant search for shit to do.

That being said, my friends and I LOVE Wiseguys.

Picture of Jesse Case.

Wiseguys is our local comedy cafe and it rocks.

Not only is it free (with a pass), but Utah isn't exactly the place to be on a Sunday night so it's a welcome relief.

Here's what their website says:
Wiseguys features the finest and funniest in live stand-up comedy. Comedian Keith Stubbs opened his first location of Wiseguys in West Valley City in 2001 and has since opened two more locations serving people along the Wasatch Front.

Whether you're a resident or visiting from out-of-town, you'll always be able to find great stand-up comedy at any of our locations. The clubs feature different national touring comedians every weekend and have hosted numerous celebrities including Lewis Black, Dave Attel, Joel McHale, Margaret Cho, Caroline Rhea, Carlos Mencia, Harland Williams, and more.

And after the show we always go to Dee's (which I talked about before here) to talk politics and random shit the show brought to mind over a plate of cheese fries.

It may not be the most exciting thing to do, but it's our thing and I'm a sucker for these sorts of traditions.

Another great thing about Wiseguys is their house comedians. Even though we've seen Terry Sachs about 50 times, my friends and I still love him.

Spencer King is by far my most favortiest though.

He has a certain type of comedy that suits me perfectly (cerebral and a little self deprecating).

The reason I'm talking about this today though is because I'm really excited for tonight.

Whenever we talk about our favorite comedians, Dwayne Perkins always makes the list. The problem is, before today we couldn't remember his name.

So imagine my pleasure when I looked up the comedian for tonight and realized who it was.

Dwayne Perkins:

You wouldn't believe how much I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

And here's a video of Marcus (for no other reason other then how much he rocks):

Man I love Sundays. :)

Update: I was not disappointed He was as great as I remembered.

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