Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why are we still afraid to use the word "rape?"

I hate talking about rape. It’s unpleasant, heart wrenching and just fucking depressing.

Any yet it must be done.

Why you say?

Because we live in a world that’s afraid to be honest with itself about the realities of rape and violence towards women.

The first step to changing that is by talking about it.

Over and over and over again.

Queensland Times:

A MAN who maintained a sexual relationship with his step-daughter that spanned more than three years was jailed for six years yesterday.

Ipswich District Court heard the 40-year-old had sex with the girl regularly between December 1997 and January 2001, when she was aged between 13 and 16.

Crown Prosecutor Ron Swanwick said the offences occurred while the man was in a relationship with the girl's mother.

The girl was living with her mother at Boonah and later at Ipswich.

Mr Swanwick told the court there had been several instances of indecent touching before the pair entered into a full sexual relationship.

The mother was often working and had left her daughter in the care of the stepfather when the unprotected sexual encounters took place.

The offending stopped temporarily when the victim eventually told her mother, but later continued without her knowledge.

“It was a serious breach of trust...involving sexual intercourse up to four or five times per week,” Mr Swanwick said.

“(The defendant) should have known better - which is something he himself seems to acknowledge.”

Missing something?

The word rape maybe?

The article doesn’t call this rape even once (nor pedophilia, child abuse, sexual assault, or molestation which would have all been accurate).

Saying the, "pair entered into a full sexual relationship," is a travesty and completely unacceptable.

We are talking about a man that raped and sexually assaulted his step daughter four or five times a week for three years (which would be over 500 individual times).

Even if she wanted to have sex with him, which she didn’t, she was only 13 and could not consent, therefore still making this rape.

So why are we so afraid to say it?

The writer of the article, the prosecutor, and even the judge have all failed in this regard.

Considering this child rapist was sentenced to only six years in prison with the eligibility for parole in only two years, I think it's obvious that society has failed as well.

And the sad thing is, it’s this little girl, and all the other children of sexual assault, that were failing.

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  1. Great post.

    It's for this reason that any time I mention being sexually assaulted, I don't shy away from using the word "rape." If I act like it is a dirty, shameful thing then so will other people.


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