Friday, April 10, 2009

Real Classy

Way to go Glenn Beck.

Though I appreciate your constant work to show us your insanity, feel free to stop. We all know you’re crazy.

And please stop promoting violence and crying. It’s making us uncomfortable. (One can only laugh so hard and for so long before it starts to hurt.)



  1. i would reckon that the average wage of a cuban being only 9 dollars has alot to do with the American embargo, also dont you think cuba would be alot more freindly if it acrually was more prosperous?

    Also why keep being a dick to them? all that shit happened years ago times have changed, the cold war is over.

    is there anyone so stupid to actually listen to beck and agree?

  2. I’m sure either.

    I must admit I’m surprised at even Beck’s audacity to accuse our first black president of essentially trying to enslave the American people. It’s just so pathetic.


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