Friday, April 24, 2009

Olbermann calls Hannity's bluff

In what is sure to be called a slip of tongue, Sean Hannity said he was willing to be waterboarded for charity on his show Wednesday night.

Olbermann has called his buff:

"What a breakthrough it would be if, by having reality literally forced upon him, a buffoon like Hannity were to realize the deadly seriousness of this," Olbermann said. "The searing truth: that the moment of torture automatically makes the presumed bad guy recipient the victim, and makes the torturer into the evildoer."
"For every second you last, a thousand dollars -- live or on tape, provided other networks' cameras are there. A thousand dollars a second, Sean, because this is no game. This is serious stuff. Put your money where your mouth is, and your nose. Oh, and I'll double it when you admit you feared for your life, when you admit the horrible truth -- waterboarding, the symbol of the last administration, is torture."

I can't wait to see what excuse Hannity uses to back out of this one.

On a side note: I typed in, "Olbermann offers..." and yahoo recommended, "snarky observations." lol

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  1. yeah i saw this too, Hannity will never do it!! And if he does it will teach him a good bloody lesson.


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