Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm Uninspired Today

As I sit hear listening to Ben Harper, eating taquitos, and relishing in my newly returned taste (just in case you missed all the previous times I whined about it - I’ve been sick for the last week), I keep thinking about chocolate cake.

I would very much like some.

But I don’t actually feel like making any.

Even though I love to bake, my overt laziness for washing any unnecessary dishes makes me less apt to actually make anything (at least today).

This is when it would be nice to have a boyfriend that bakes.

Oh, well.

Ryan does take care of all the car crap (and animal crap) so I’ll give him some slack.

Plus someone has to kill spiders, take out the trash, and try to sleep on top of me in this relationship.

And he has already gotten used to my excessively loud eating.

So, I guess I’ll keep him.

But some cake would be nice.

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