Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keira Knightley PSA

Keira Knightley has filmed a new PSA to air in movie theaters about domestic violence for Women's Aid.

Actress Keira Knightley is seen heading home from a movie set. She pulls up to an apartment building and looks up to see a man's silhouette in what is presumably the window of her flat. She takes the elevator up to the flat, looking anxious, and walks in, calling, "Sweetheart?" before noticing a shattered mirror, which has clearly been punched. Below it are drips of blood, leading to a blood trail she follows until her boyfriend steps in behind her, startling her.

Knightley: Oh, you're here. [notices bloodied knuckles] You're hurt. Here. [hands him a towel]

Boyfriend: Who was it today? Your leading man?

Knightley: Oh, gentleheart, please—

Boyfriend: How did it feel? Did it feel real?

Knightley: It's my job. [he throws towel in her face; she looks at him, then looks away and says, as if to a director: Sorry, we didn't agree to that. That wasn't in the script.

Boyfriend: Whore! [backhands her hard]

Knightley: Oof! [falls to ground]

Boyfriend: You stupid— [sounds of silverware and plates smashing]

Knightley: Please, I didn't agree to this! [screams as he pulls her up by her hair] Ahh! No! No! [he throws her back to the floor and kicks her repeatedly; she shouts]

Camera pans back, revealing a movie set, but there is no one there.

Text on screen: Isn't it time someone called cut? 2 women die from domestic violence every week. Help save lives. Donate £2 a month. Women's Aid.


I can't even comment on how this PSA made me feel because I got so angry at the comments on youtube that I find myself simmering with rage.

I do think it's a great start (April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month btw), but I don't like how the man is shown as the "faceless monster" that is all so common.

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