Thursday, April 9, 2009

The fucktardery is out in force today

I got an email from Courage Campaign regarding the new ad the "National Organization for Marriage" has recently put out.

From the site:
The "National Organization for Marriage" is responding to the amazing marriage equality victories in Iowa and Vermont with this national TV ad filled with fear about a same-sex marriage "storm" gathering across the country.

This disturbing ad -- airing across the country and 8 times a day in California -- uses actors to push lies claiming that marriage equality threatens personal freedoms.

I don't understand how granting a group of people the equal rights they deserve is somehow intrusive to another person's rights.


This response video made me giggle though:

And please don't forget to show your support to President Obama for overturning the Bush administration HHS regulation that allows medical professionals to reject birth control to women because of religious or moral reasons by by signing here. Comments close at midnight tonight.

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