Monday, March 30, 2009

Watch this. Now.

I’m dying.

Ok, not really. But close enough. I’m the kind of sick where everything hurts your throat and there’s the distinct fear I’ll use up every piece of toilet paper ever made.

Its times like these that make me wonder at my irrational distaste for taking over the counter medicine.


While I run off to ponder that, I want to share this video with you.

Watch it. Now. Please.

Warning: I take no responsibility if your brain decides to implode because of all the ass fuckery in this video.

You have been warned.

And a thanks to Miss Britni for showing me it’s awesomeness.

My favorite:

“The woman just has to lie there and receive the sperm.”

Some more highlights:

"Sex is not really meant to be pleasurable for the female. It is primarily something the man will enjoy."

"If the female enjoys the sex, that's nice. That's a little extra, but it's not necessary."

"The pain in childbirth that’s a punishment from God for women because Eve obviously ate the apple."

"Lesbian I don't understand at all. I thought the point of lesbianism is their disappointed in men, so oh we’re gonna go with women now? Which is kind of lazy. Why not search a bit harder for a man that you do like?"

"Lesbians keep making themselves less attractive to men, cutting their hair short and wearing mannish clothes. You're never going to become a heterosexual dressed like that. No man will like you."

"They have the clitoris, which I said is a gift from god. But I'm not sure what they're supposed to do with that, since it doesn’t have reproductive function. And I'm not sure how Jesus feels about licking it, which some men tend to do to that to give the woman pleasure. I think it’s mainly for the women to touch themselves. God said maybe I was a bit harsh on you for kicking you out of paradise and giving you the pain. So here, have this little toy for you to play with. Then the man can put his penis into you and derive his pleasure from that.”

“Your man’s had a rough day. All he wants to do is put some sperm in you. Don’t ask him to lick your…he doesn’t want to have his nose up there. Cut him some slack is all I’m saying. Don’t get into that. Put the sperm where it needs to be. And women, you can play with your clitoris I guess. That’s what god wants you to do.”

Hahaha...what a dumb ass.

He totally disregards the woman’s g-spot and the fact that not all women are naturally lubricated enough for vaginal sex not to hurt.

I read some comments on his page that said this was a satire, but I haven’t seen any evidence of that. I think there is a good chance it is a joke though.

People can’t really think this way. Can they?

I also watched his video about homosexuality (since he mentioned it in this video) and his argument is the pain is a warning from god that what you’re doing isn’t right.

Again, he completely disregards the fact that some penises are big to the point of pain and not all anal sex hurts.

He also claims that atheists can’t believe that homosexuality is natural and accept the reality of evolution (you don’t believe in evolution. It just is) because they can’t work together.

What an ass tard.

I don’t understand how people can think being gay is unnatural when there are other homosexual animals. It just doesn’t make sense why that isn’t proof enough.

Homosexuality is unusual, not unnatural.

This guy is a piece of work.


  1. Lol amazing First of all i love his use of props! Especially the mix of household objects and fruit! Genius lol. The can and banana being my favourate accompanied with him yellig ouch was top class comedy.

    Secondly he is a quote making machine! When he said 'I'm not sure how Jesus feels about licking it' i nearly wet myself!

    What the hell is going on with his accent? i cant tell where he's from.

    But seriously he has no idea what he is on about. And i feel sorry for any girl who has the displeasure of sleeping with him!

  2. His profile says he's from the Netherlands.

    I'm still hoping this is all satire. lol

  3. no wonder he is saying this on the internet, everyone else in the netherlands is that liberal they would just laugh in his face!!


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