Friday, March 27, 2009

Unemployment Issues

As some of you will know, I was fired from my job in December for “immodest attire” (since I’m obviously a skanky whore who doesn’t know how to clothe myself).

So I'm still a little bitter. Shoot me.

Well, I finally got around to applying for unemployment last month and I was approved.

What the unemployment office said: “Claimant was discharged due to immodest dress in the work place. There was no final incident as reason for discharge. Best information indicates that the claimant was not discharged due to a recent final incident. Employer failed to show how claimants continued employment was adverse to employer’s rightful interest. Culpability is not shown. Benefits allowed. Employer charged.”

But when I checked my mail yesterday, I had a notice requesting my participation in a phone hearing because the county disagrees with the unemployment office’s decision.


Can’t these people just fuck off?

It’s not like I even want to be unemployed. In fact, I very much loathe being unemployed. I want to work, but there just aren’t many people hiring right now.

And I do not want to deal with this.

What the county said: “The employer disagrees with this decision and states claimant was discharged for wearing immodest attire to work.”

It doesn’t make any sense to me. They are agreeing with what I said. How is that a disagreement?

They also included two letters with their appeal. One being my termination letter and the other is a disciplinary letter I never received.

I can’t help but feel like I’m going to be thrown under the bus.

I’m hoping this is the county’s standard policy and not just some residual hard feelings towards me, but you never know.

Maybe I can find a job before the 12th and I won’t have to deal with this.

*Update: I talked to some other people who worked for the county and turns out this is common procedure for them. It is not likely they will win, they just have to try to fight it.


  1. What a PITA. I hope it's just their bureaucratic way of trying to avoid responsibility for being stupid. Or their way of trying to scare you away. A lot of times gov't agencies, or lawyers, even though they know they're in the wrong, will try to scare away claimants by trying to throw around their legal weight. The average Joe is afraid of legal entanglements, so they'll forfeit without a fight. You should stand up to them and demand what you deserve! And wear a turtleneck and a suit with conservative shoes. If they didn't take pix of your attire at work, it's your word against theirs.

  2. yeah i agree ^ you should keep fighting the county on this.

  3. what is the definition of immodest attire? That is a very strange reason to sack someone!!

  4. Thanks you guys. I am gonna keep fighting them.

    Haworth: That's why I'm so annoyed about this entire situation. It would be different if they fired me for being difficult or something concrete, but modesty is completely subjective and always changing.

    I don't think I dress immodestly. I'm definitely not modest, but I don't think I'm immodest.

  5. There arguement is based on two words immodest and attire. Immodest is is very vague and open to question, that suggests to me that they are not prepared to fight and have no reel substence behind thier actions.

    But i guess thats the price you pay for living in Utah!!!! Wearing a skirt that is not ankle length will get you in super trouble.

    I say fight it!! Good luck


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