Tuesday, March 31, 2009

UK actors who rock my socks off

Haworth made a list of his top ten American women that get his blood moving and I thought I’d do the same with UK actors.

For one, I’m still crawling my ass back to the living and I don’t have the energy for any critical thinking.

For two, it’s just fun.

I’m sure I would have a different list if I actually lived in the UK and had more exposure to different actors, but these guys rock none the less.

Here we go:

10. Tom Hardy. I’m not gonna lie, the only movie of his I’ve ever seen is Star Trek Nemesis. But he was great and I have a soft spot for Star Trek.

Plus, I like how his teeth aren’t perfect and he scowls a lot (perfect example above). I know that seems silly but I like it when actors aren’t “perfect.”

9. Damian Lewis. Got to show some love for a redhead. I really liked his role in Dreamcatcher and Life is one of Ryan's favorite shows.

He seems quirky and I like that in a man.

8. Simmon Woods. He's just adorable.

How could anyone not love Mr. bingley? And I love a man in period costumes. Odd, I know...

7. Christian Bale. I found myself not wanting to add Bale to my list for some reason, but he really is an amazing actor.

I pretty much fell in love with him the first time I saw American Psycho. (Plus I have a major hard on for the movie Velvet Goldmine.)

6. Alan Rickman. I know he's a lot older then me, but I just love him.

Dogma is one of my all time favorite movies and I have a major crush on Snape. I can't help it, I just do.

5. James McAvoy. This one’s kind of odd for me. I don’t look at him as a leading man, but I adored Penelope so here he is.

He seems like someone you could drink a beer with and I like that he isn't too "pretty."

4. Cillian Murphy. He’s just gorgeous.

He has the most perfect bone structure.

3. Gavin Rossdale. Even though he's not really an actor, I'm a huge Bush fan (and he was great in Constantine).

When I think of the perfect male specimen I find myself thinking of him. I hope we get to see more acting out of him.

2. Clive Owen. Again, I like that he isn't "pretty" like some of the other men on this list.

He just gives off this raw maleness. I can't help but get the impression he'd know to handle business.

1. Ewan McGregor.

Trainspotting, Velvet Goldmine, Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, Down with Love, and Big Fish. This guy rocks. End of story.


  1. Ewan McGregor!! No no no!! Clive Owen Yes yes yes!!

    I know most of these guys, except for the star trek one, he's new to me.

  2. What's wrong with Ewan McGregor?

    He's awesome!

  3. McGregor is really cool in Trainspotting and Shallow Grave but other than that i think his coolness fades away!

  4. You're crazy. What about Star Wars?

    I haven't seen Shallow Grave. Is it good?

  5. Alana im a geek, but i have never been into star wars lol i dont mind a bit of star trek.

    Shallow Grave is good, its Danny Boyle's first film, its all about these 4 room mates who get a new flatmate hugo, who dies, when they go through his stuff the find a huge amount of money and it basically goes from there what they should do.

    Good film very 90's but good.

  6. I'll admit I only like the new Star Wars. (I couldn't finish the Lord of the Rings book either.)

    I guess we're book bad geeks. lol

  7. Cillian Murphy is from Ireland, not the UK.


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