Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T.I. and Chris Brown

I love The Young Turks on youtube, but I have to say I very much disagree with this particular video:

Their argument is that T.I. didn’t actually commit a murder, but Chris Brown did beat up Rihanna so he should get more jail time.


How can anyone possibly think that a domestic violence situation is more threatening then the federal offense of purchasing three machine guns and two silencers by a convicted felon?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me.

Even if Chris Brown is found guilty of domestic violence (fingers crossed), he's still a first time offender and will probably receive probation, a fine, domestic violence counseling, and 30 days in jail at the most. Maybe

Do I think that’s enough? No not really. But do I think T.I. deserves less then that? No fucking way.

T.I. was convicted of a felony for possession of crack cocaine with intent to distribute in 1998. Therefore, he is not allowed to lawfully buy, receive, or possess firearms or ammunition of any kind. When arrested, T.I. had four different guns in his car plus six more at his house, including ammunition.

This is not a small deal and I don’t care if he’s a gangster or his friend was shot in front of him. There is no excuse in my book.

Maybe T.I. should move to the freggin suburbs and get some new friends.

I can protect myself from a man’s fists; I cannot do the same with a fully automatic machine gun.

To even compare these crimes is completely ludicrous. If we were talking about a suspected terrorist or a convicted child molester, people would find it a lot harder to rationalize this sort of behavior.

T.I. will only serve ten months with good behavior and yet we’re still questioning his sentence.

It makes me sick.

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