Monday, March 23, 2009

Stange Weather

One of the biggest adjustments about moving to Utah has nothing to do with Mormons or their need to put nasty ass fry sauce on everything.

But it's seriously gross people and you should stop.

It has to do with the way the weather can change in a heartbeat (some crap about mountains and air streams).

I never really experienced it living in San Diego, so I still find it shocking how the weather can go from a lovely 60 degrees to utter crap in a few hours.

This weekend:

This morning:

wtf? It's gonna be crappy all week too.



  1. the extremes of weather must be so exciting!id love that!! Here in the UK we have variations of rain and a little sun but not to much!!!

  2. yeah, exciting isn't really the word I would use. haha

    San Diego is like the UK only opposite. There's variations of sunny and it rains only a few times a year.

    I could punch myself in the face for leaving right about now... :)


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