Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A SoulPancake Challenge

I saw this really cool idea over at SoulPancake and just had to share.

From SoulPancake:
They say that if you write something down, you have a seven-times-better chance of actually making it happen. If that's the case, who needs a palm reader when you have a Sharpie?

Step 1. Grab your favoritest color Sharpie.
Step 2. Write something on your palm that you REALLY want to happen.
Step 3. Snap a photo and paste the link below.
Step 4. Don't sniff the Sharpie.

Some Examples:

I thought it was super neat and went ahead and did my own.

Give it a try. It's actually a lot of fun.

And check out the site. It rocks.

Don't trust me?

Just check out the quick video explanation from Rainn Wilson below (it's only like 40 seconds).

You really don't trust me? I'm crushed ;)


  1. I know i am a 'blogger' and i use lol and lmao and brb..... and other internet things.But my hypocracy is honest here.

    But im totally against writing on your palm and taking a photo of it!Some internet fashions i just dont like or get. Why not write on your face and take a photo of that?

    Also i dont like the blatant promotion of a brand product.... any felt tip pen would do!!

    Im feeling mean today!! Alana this is not directed at you :)

  2. It was just fun.

    I'm also not sure the product promotion was on purpose. Almost everyone I know uses "sharpie" when referring to any permanent marker. (I used a scrapbook pen I had next to me lol)

    The site is actually really interesting. One of the last questions they asked was, "What if you knew there was a 90% chance that a beggar wanted money to feed an addiction ... should you still give him a buck on the 10% chance that it would be used for food?"

    hmmm.... :)


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