Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poor Taste

I know it's not right to judge other people, but I am shocked that someone would pay almost $300 dollars for one of these pink foot rests (Moroccan Pouf from John Derian).

They're totally cute, but $300 freaking dollars? WTF? This is really irritating me for some reason.

Mainly because out of 55 comments (I'm referring specifically to the totally cute and inspirational blog called Making it Lovely) only one person questioned the price.

Everyone else was heralding her decision at picking the more expensive model which was $100 dollars more then the cheaper version (and the dimensions were exactly the same).

I just don't get some people.

To me it seems like such a waste of money that could go towards so many other things and I hate how people always equate price with worth.

Sometimes I think being poor is good for developing common sense.

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