Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The New Dora

The new and improved Dora the Explorer has just been released.

What do you think:

So she's thinner, prettier, and better accessorized.

I guess we should just be thankful they didn't lighten her skin and give her a convertible with GPS navigation.

And where the hell is her backpack?


  1. I saw a blurb about this earlier today. She doesn't need a backpack anymore, she probably has a blackberry or handheld of some sort. Besides, all that stuff never actually fit in her backpack anyway!

    As long as she doesn't turn into a wimpy stereotypical girly girl I'm okay with the changes. I was never a big fan anyway. (Swiper no swiping...repeat 3 times. Over the mountain, thru the forest, and into the valley...repeat 3 times.) Extremely annoying.

  2. I always liked that she was a little tomboy and I feel like they lost that with the new Dora.

  3. Dora's tastes just have changed with age. I guess she's tired of lugging a backpack around everywhere.

  4. Shameful!! wheres the puupy fat gone?

  5. I wonder if they even bothered to change her clothes, without changing her character?

    weird stuff.

    and where does Diego fit in the mix?


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