Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meghan McCain

I’m completely uninspired today to write anything. I feel like crap and have a major sore throat. Plus the weather was really nice yesterday so, of course, it had to snow last night.


Anyways, I had been meaning to talk about Meghan McCain so I might as well do so today.

I’m gonna say this upfront; Meghan McCain has a long way to go in her role as a republican pundit.

Stupid? I don't think so. Ignorant? Sometimes.

Some people say she just isn’t bright enough, but I haven’t really seen any evidence to support that. She has shown to be ignorant on a few different topics but that's mainly because she’s young and inexperienced in her new role.

I also think her father being in politics puts restraints on some things she might want to say or do (obviously).

That being said, I LOVED this video clip because she summed up the future of the Republican Party in a minute 37 (at least if they hope to have a future).

On Larry King Live:

She really needs to stop calling all these people old, but she does hit the nail on the head.

Social issues are strangling the Republican Party.

Just look at the numbers. You’ll see that on most social issues the country leans away from the Conservative ideology.

The center now leans left.

The only social issues the Republicans have similar views with the majority are regarding the death penalty and opposition to gay marriage (what a triumph).

Even then, the Republicans don’t fully relate with the public.

In regards to gay marriage, a disproportionate amount of Republicans want a constitutional ban (45%) compared to the overall amount (30%).

And polls have consistently found lower support for the death penalty when it is offered as an alternative to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole

I may not know the direction the Republican Party needs to take, but Meghan McCain is right that social issues shouldn't be at the forefront.

Because when it comes to social issues, all the Republican Party has is death and inequality.

So maybe people shouldn't be so quick to disregard one of the newest voices of the Republican party.

-Stem Cell and Health Care poll found here. Terrorism poll found here. Abortion poll found here. Gay Marriage poll found here. Death Penalty poll found here.

(Wow. I put way more effort than necessary into this post. lol)


  1. You know what? I like her. I don't agree with her on everything (obviously) but I like what she's trying to do. The Republican Party needs people like her out there trying to modernize the party if it wants to survive. I like that she is proud of her curves, I like that she's willing to speak up even when she may be in over her head. She's learning and trying and jumping in with both feet, and I have nothing but respect for her.

  2. Also:

    And I follow Meghan on Twitter even though she is the most upbeat, positive, happy person ever and sometimes I want to punch her through the computer screen.

  3. Oh. My. God. That was hilarious!

    They didn’t even have to stretch the truth in those caricatures. haha

  4. Ive not seen to much of Meghan McCain, but from what she was saying in that clip, she seems ok. Its refreshing to hear something different from the Republicans other than 'Obama is a Marxist he gona destroy us all!'

    Britni that vid is class!! very funny loved it.


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