Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I just find this funny

I talked about my friend Stacy a few posts back and how I've known her forever.

Well, I was going through my old pictures so I could scan them onto my computer and look what I found:

hahaha...that's us in 5th grade.

Here's the beginning of high school:

The other girl in the picture it Audra. I've know her just as long, but we spent all of elementary school, middle school, and high school being arch nemeses. Even though we've both wised up, it's fun to think back about all the unpleasant things we would put each other through. (And believe me, there were plenty.)

Total side note: I remember in 5th grade when Audra got so mad at me while we were playing basketball at a birthday party that she tried to throw the ball at me. Only I moved out of the way and the ball landed dead center in middle of the cake...haha

It makes me smile to think about it.

Graduation day:

At Christmas time:

I know it doesn't mean much to everyone else, but it warms my heart to see these pictures.

I may have had a hard childhood in some ways, but in others I'm really lucky.


  1. I think that is really nice, to have a freind for so long you are very lucky.

    I have never had a best friend for so long because i have moved about abit, plus im a man and we are really bad at staying in contact. I would probably say i dont have a best freind at all at the moment, just freinds who i dont really see much off cos of work.

    It really cool you have all these pictures and memories.

  2. That's crappy. Didn't you say you worked at night? That must make it a pain in ass to plan things.

  3. yeah i work nights at the moment but that is due to change im on the job hunt!!!!

  4. good luck!

    I've been looking for a job for months, but hopefully you won't have the same problem in the UK. :)


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