Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fetishizing Little Girls

Sometimes I'm amazed how I can care so little for some things and then be completely irritated by something else. It’s like my brain just has random whims I haven’t even begun to figure out yet.

One thing that can always piss me off though, fetishizing little girls.

I’m talking about these pictures from America’s Next Top Model:

I can understand the original point that Tyra was trying to make, but I think it’s completely asinine to go about this way.

Tyra’s point:
This issue is really important to me, the issue of teen girls and being what I call 'out of control.' I did a survey on my talk-show website, and I found that one in five girls that are teens that we surveyed actually want to be a teen mom. Purity and innocence is something that's being lost and as you Top Models are doing this photo shoot, you guys are role models, too. The assignment was for you all to embody different little games that little girls play on the playground.
Even though I agree with Tyra to a certain extent, putting fully developed women into little girl clothes to inspire people to think about little girls does not do anything to combat bad behavior and only sends a warped message.

Tyra is trying to simultaneously sell the idea of “purity” and “innocence” while sexualizing the clothes and behavior of little girls.

If that’s not fucked up, I don’t know what is.

I also have an issue whenever someone talks about “purity” because it usually stems from the idea that if you’re not “pure,” then you must be some sort of skanky slut.

And when has the modeling community cared so much about little girls? Maybe they should concentrate more on the impossible standards and the female objectification the modeling industry tends to push onto young girls instead of putting hot grown women into pig tails and knee highs.

I just find it reprehensible for society to accept any sort of fetishizing of children, whether it’s in fantasies or photo shoots. To me these photos are no better then those creepy pornos where 18 year old girls dress and act like children.

That’s not even taking the “bad” girls they included in the background, whose greatest crime is smoking a cigarette or daring to get pregnant, into account.

So why don’t we just stop with the hypocrisy of flaunting sexual innocence while judging anyone who dares to no be “pure” and stop giving pedophiles everywhere more fodder for the cannon.

I don’t watch very much t.v. and the little I do partake in needs to follow my general criteria of actually teaching me something rather then just liquefying my brain due to all the ass fuckery. (FYI brain leaks are mo fo to get out of the upholstery.) So there is the small possibility I'm misinterpreting what happened on this show, but I highly doubt it.


  1. I agree. I thought that this shoot did the opposite of what Tyra wanted it to do. If you want kids to be kids, don't sexual tweens and teen girls. Don't have adult women dress up as children.

    That might work in certain porns, but not on ANTM. Sorry, Tyra.

    (By the way, I'm thinking of psychoanalyzing Tyra for one of my classes, but the prospect of where to start seems daunting and overwhelming. There's so much to work for.)

  2. I imagine the more research you did the more overwhelmed the project would become. Lol

    It would definitely be interesting though. Especially since she has one show where she is trying to help girls, and another that does the opposite.

  3. the camera angle was at a child's perspective....creepy. it's like they want you to be a kid watching a bunch of grown ups pretend to be sexy tweens. fucked up.

    just writing that down makes me sick. :(


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