Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Draper Temple

I just got back from visiting the new Mormon temple in Draper.

Even though I think the Mormon Church is one of the most ridiculous and glaringly fictitious religions out there, I’ve always wanted to see inside one of the temples.

Mainly because I’ll never be allowed.

After a temple is completed, they have an open house for the public for about two weeks before the dedication. After a temple is dedicated, its considered a “House of the Lord” so only LDS members in good standing are permitted entrance.

Kind of creepy right?

So this was really one of the few chances I had to get a peak inside. They don’t allow pictures to be taken inside the temple, but I got some shots of the outside and scanned the brochure they handed out.

Really it just looked like a huge mansion.

My favorite feature has to be the baptismal pool. It is freggin awesome and this picture doesn't do it justice at all.

It's the first thing we saw when we walked past the lobby and this picture was actually taken through a wall of glass. When you walk around the walk way, you are standing level with the pool (by the stairs) and these oxen are about ten to twelve feet below.

I know I'm not describing it well, but it was truly gorgeous. It was a touch of funky in an otherwise subdued decor.

It's also the closest I'll ever get to a baptismal pool of any sort. lol

One room I thought was really strange though was the Celestial Room. The brochure says, "the celestial room symbolizes the exalted and reverent state that all may achieve through living the gospel of Jesus Christ."

It's just a large room with really nice furniture. I don't understand how this symbolizes anything having to do with a "reverent state."

All in all we only saw around 6 rooms in the entire temple. The building was exquisitely decorated, but I don't like the idea of all these secret areas you're not allowed to see. Even people who go to be baptised only see the rooms necessary for them to see.

It just irks me.

I took a picture from the bottom of the mountain so you could get an idea of how gargantuan this thing is.

It may not have the castle look some of the temples have, especially the Salt Lake City Temple (shown at the top of the page), but I still found it really pretty. Since it's high on the mountain the views are fantastic and its light grey exterior looks great against the blue sky.

All in all I'm glad I went. :)

*Click on pics to make them larger.


  1. Very Decadent, strangley enough just a few miles away from me there is a mormon church its not huge, around the same size as any church. It style is exactly the same at the Temple you visited. With the big Gold figure on top of the spire. My dad say 'that would make a good postcard' i think he means that is is very nice lol.

  2. Is it the Preston temple? I know there’s another one in London. Mormons are like cockroaches. They build these damn things everywhere. They’re even building one in Rome! Maybe they and the Catholics will have a fight to the death and we can be rid of one.

    That was mean huh? Oh well. :)

    That gold statue is actually their Angel Moroni and each temple has one. Supposedly Moroni is the angel that visited Joseph Smith and lead him to the golden plates which he claimed were the source material for the Book of Mormon.

    Probably more then you wanted to know, but there you have it. lol

  3. The temple is actually in Chorley, which is right next to preston. I dont know what they call it though. I do know that because it is there we get a hell of alot of Mormons doing Door Knocking!! Thanks you America!!

    Catholics vs Mormons battle royal!! the catholics would beat them black and blue!! Easy!


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