Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daily Obsession - Santigold

Santigold (also known as Santogold) is my new love.

Not only do I love her music, but her attitude is really refreshing as well (and isn't she just adorable?).

Here is part of an interview from The Lipster:
I read a review of your record which called it "uncommercial", which I thought was weird, because it's a complete pop album to me.

I agree. I think that people who say stuff like that are just not being very thoughtful, and that's exactly what my record goes against. It brings you outside the box you're used to being in and you have to open your eyes and look at it for what is, which is a pop record.

When I first started hearing about you I kept hearing about this amazing hip-hop or R&B artist. I was surprised when I heard you, because you're not like that at all.

It's racist (laughs). It's totally racist. Everyone is just so shocked that I don't like R&B. Are you shocked that Good Charlotte isn't into R&B? Why does R&B keep coming into my interviews? It's pissing me off. I didn't grow up as a big fan of R&B and, like, what is the big shocker? It's stupid. In the beginning I thought that was funny. I'm an 'MC', I'm a 'soul singer', I'm a 'dance hybrid artist'. And some guy said I looked like Kelly Rowland! I just thought it added to the mystery, because there was so much wrong stuff being written about me. It just added to the intrigue.

Because the album's so eclectic, are people finding it hard to pin you down?

Yeah they are, and I love it. I love that they can't really do it, though they keep trying. Recently they've started printing my age a lot, which I don't tell. And the reason I don't tell – I mean I don't lie about my age and I'm not feeling any way about it. But I know that they do that because it's another way of putting you in a category, of putting you in a box – "this is what you can expect from a person, because she's…" It's just so stupid, so that's my battle. I'm not giving that information that you need to put me in a box. I just want to have it exist for what it is. And have it looked at from a fresh point.

This is how I am. When I go to movies, if I hear a movie's really good, and somebody tries to tell me what it's about, I'm like, "Don't tell me!" It's really good? Don't tell me what it's about. So I go and I have no idea what I'm about to watch. It's such a better experience. I don't know why people are so… why they feel this need to fit in. The other week, somebody came up to me and said, "So I don't really get it, this whole Santogold thing. Does it sound like MIA or does it not?" And I was like, do you really need me to tell you that? Figure it out for your fucking self.

Check her out.

Shove it (my favorite so far):

Lights Out:

Full inteview here.


  1. Hmmm i think i might like this, its a bit pop for my tastes but its rather enjoyable me thinks.

  2. I like some pop songs and then hate others. I have no idea why. lol


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