Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blah Blah Blah... AIG

Is anyone else tired of hearing about AIG?

I don’t understand why everyone is always so shocked when greedy men act greedy.

And isn’t this greed the principle action that makes capitalism what it is?

People bitch and moan about the “evils” of socialism while bitching and moaning about the actions that take place EVERY DAY in normal capitalism.

Pick a side douche bags.

The most irritating part for me is the way some republicans have tried to turn this into a way to get at President Obama (completely disregarding the fact he wasn’t even president when this mess started).

I shouldn’t be too surprised considering all the propaganda we’ve been fed about how “Bush kept us safe” (even though the worst terrorist attack on American soil EVER happened on his watch), but I can’t help but wonder at the fucktardery.

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