Monday, March 9, 2009

Being fabulous rocks

Wow. I was given a fabulous blog award from the ridiculously sexy and shameless Miss Britni.

I’m always surprised that people read my blog (even my own friends) and even more so that someone would think it worth mentioning. I’m also flattered that it was Britni since her blog is so witty and just plain kick asstic.

Plus, being called intelligent makes me all warm and fuzzy inside without fail.

The way the award works is simple, I list 5 thinks I’m crazy for and then pass this on to 5 blogs I think are fabulous. I usually don’t do these sorts of things, but sleep is being evasive so why the hell not?

1. First and foremost has to be information in general. I’m addicted to learning, whether it’s books, politics, documentaries, television, or just general news. I love keeping up with what’s happening in the world and learning weird obscure facts no one really needs to know. Learning is my passion and I tend to get really hard on myself if I don’t know something someone is talking about. I know it seems silly, but I sometimes feel that my age is catching up to my intelligence and it scares the crap out of me.

2. Blogs. That’s right, you are contributing to my obsession and I love you for it. I’ve always been interested in other people’s business and thoughts and blogs take it to a whole other level. There is something about blogging that makes me feel more connected to people and I would much rather read about a person’s real joys and sorrows then that of a fictional character in a book or movie.

3. Some people smoke, I drink Dr. Pepper and munch on sunflower seeds. I love them both and I would fight a person to the death if they ever tried to take them away from me.

4. Shoes. I don’t think I can ever make an obsessing list without including shoes. I love love love love love shoes. I’ll find any excuse to buy some. I love sneakers, heels, boots, flats, sandals…the list goes on and on. (Ironically, the first thing I do when I walk in the door is take off my shoes and I like to be barefoot any time I can. lol)

5. Last but definitely not least, crafts and DIY. It’s started to spiral out of control now that I’m home all the time. Our office looks like the craft store fairy had a seizure and vomited craft supplies all over the place. I have projects stacked precariously on pretty much every surface. When I’m bored I scour the internet looking for new ideas or projects and if I could buy every piece of god awful furniture I find on Craigslist, I would be a happy camper. :)

Honestly, I don’t really have five blogs I can list. Even though I follow a lot of blogs, there are only a few where the love is reciprocated. It works out fine though since they happen to be my three favorite out of the bunch anyways (not counting Britni).

Embee at Musings of a Would-Be Writer. I love her blog. Even though it’s main focus is on writing (shocking right?) I still enjoy her attitude and outlook on things. We both started our blogs around the same time coincidentally.

Haworth at American a View From Over Here. I enjoy reading his point of view on our politics. It doesn’t hurt that we tend to agree on most things and he has this weird way of looking at the same situation and coming to the same conclusion, but with a totally different spin on it.

Beelzebub at Common Nonsense. I love this blog. Beelzebub is like my cynical and sometimes misanthropic soul sister. She hasn’t been posting as regularly as she was lately (probably off being a “responsible adult”) but I still look forward to her posts.

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  1. thank you and well done also, i think ivisit your blog the most. as i think we pretty much have the same idea about politics life etc!! so i am always drawn back to Random Thoughts!!

    It is Uber Good!!


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