Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sean Delonas Cartoon

I know everyone’s gone crazy about this New York Post cartoon, but I just want to know what the hell they were thinking.

Yahoo: The cartoon refers to a chimpanzee named Travis who was killed Monday by police in Stamford, Conn., after it mauled a friend of its owner.

Some critics called the cartoon racist and said it trivialized a tragedy in which a woman was disfigured and a chimpanzee killed. Others said the cartoon suggests that Obama should be assassinated. Many urged a boycott of the Post and the companies that advertise in it.

"How could the Post let this cartoon pass as satire?" said Barbara Ciara, president of the National Association of Black Journalists. "To compare the nation's first African-American commander in chief to a dead chimpanzee is nothing short of racist drivel."

State Sen. Eric Adams called it a "throwback to the days" when black men were lynched.

The Rev. Al Sharpton called the cartoon "troubling at best given the historic racist attacks of African-Americans as being synonymous with monkeys."

Col Allan, editor-in-chief of the Post, defended the work.

"The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut," Allan said in a statement. "It broadly mocks Washington's efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist."

The cartoon drew hundreds of comments on the Internet including at the liberal Huffington Post, where columnist Sam Stein wrote: "At its most benign, the cartoon suggests that the stimulus bill was so bad, monkeys may as well have written it. Most provocatively, it compares the president to a rabid chimp."
Sean Delonas has a history of awful cartoons, but this is still pretty pathetic.

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  1. For a society that is still dealing with the legacy of slavery and civil rights this sort of thing is not helpful.

    First looking at it i do think it can be taken in a racist way, with more consideration i still think it can be seen as racist. Why connect an attack by a monkey on its owner that wasshot and the stimulus bill?? there is no connection between the two and one cant be made.

    Anyway we all no there has only been one chimp president!! the last one!!!


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