Friday, February 13, 2009

Playing the wait game

I don’t know about you, but I am glad that today is the day we finally find out if President Obama’s stimulus bill gets passed in the senate.

In the mean time, I thought this was pretty interesting:
In the hour following President Obama's February 9 press conference cable news programs featured guests and panelists to discuss Obama's remarks. But CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC did not bring on a single economist to discuss the plan.

The absence of economists in the post-press conference discussion was consistent with the observation made by founder John Amato in a February 4 article on The Huffington Post: "I'm sure you've heard about the hundreds of economists that are either for or against President Obama's stimulus plan. My question to the media is: Where are they?"

Indeed, a Media Matters for America review of the Sunday talk shows and 12 cable news programs from January 25 through February 8 found that during 139 1/2 hours of programming on Sunday mornings and weekday afternoons and evenings, of 460 total guest appearances in discussions about the economic recovery legislation and debate in Congress, only 25 were made by economists -- a mere 5 percent.


Media Matters purposefully used a broad definition of "economist" to be inclusive, coding as an economist any guest who has a master's degree or doctorate in economics or who has served as an economics professor at a university or college, as best as we could determine. (All current members of Congress were coded as non-economists.)
Well, that would explain why most people don’t have a clue and why rumors, like the doctor control idea, are in such abundance.


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  1. thats not good, i want to be told by people who have spent time studing economics to be the ones who tell me if its good or bad.


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