Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Good Mayor

I was reading someone’s book recommendations and they mentioned a book by Andrew Nicoll called The Good Mayor.

This was the included excerpt:
Good isn't so bad. Agathe would have settled for 'good' and, if he had chosen to do the good thing, Tibo could have stood up right there and then, he could have knocked the table over if need be and he could have picked her up in his arms and run out with her as if he had been rescuing her from a blazing building. He could have saved her. He could have taken her back to the big iron bed in his house at the end of the blue-tiled path with its broken gate and its brass bell and he could have spent all the rest of the afternoon saving her. He could have saved her all night. He could have saved her until he was exhausted to save her any more. He could have saved her again and again like no woman has been saved before or since, saved her in every way he could imagine and some he'd never thought of until that very minute and then she would have come up with some ideas of her own. But he did not. Tibo Krovic was the Mayor of Dot and the Mayor of Dot had never been known to carry another man's wife down the street, not even if she was his secretary, not even if she was in love with him, not even if she had loved him, it seemed, for as long as she could remember. (pp261-262)

I have to read this book now. The words in this passage are…well I can’t really describe it without sounding terribly cheesy, but the writing is lovely to say the least.

Just lovely.

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